Daily Trips

Nguthungulli Julian Rocks is world famous for its marine life. Warm and cold water currents meet here resulting in a spectacular mix of tropical and cold water fish creating one of the most abundant fish dives in the world. On most of our dives, we see big sharks and rays, large schools of pelagics, turtles as well as nudibranchs and a lot of smaller marine life. We are only a quick boat ride from shore so we bring you back to the shop between dives. This gives our divers more flexibility in their busy schedules, so whether you want to sneak away from the office for a cheeky lunch-time dive, or ditch all your plans and soak up as much salt water as possible, we’ve got you covered. We have ventured out to Julian Rocks thousands of times and are trained to look after all levels of divers from fresh out of your Open Water Course to a Master Instructor. We send 6 divers or less with each guide to make sure you see more marine life and less bubbles. We’re committed to making every trip a safe and enjoyable experience and we’ve got a reputation to maintain with our local community as being a professional organisation that delivers a quality dive experience and personalised service. Julian Rocks is an open ocean dive site that is frequented by all levels of divers; We are unable to predict a divers' competence by their qualifications or experience; this varies with every individual. Please be aware that although most of the time the conditions are calm, there can be strong swells, strong currents, strong surges, cold water and strong winds and it is a requirement that divers have the ability, fitness, confidence and competence to dive in such conditions. In the winter months, the temperature can drop as low as 17 degrees but averages around 20 degrees. If you are unsure about your ability to dive in the conditions above, you should book a private guide to give a more dedicated service.


$165 for the first dive with full gear.

$310 for a double dive with full gear

$135 for one dive with own gear.

$250 for a double dive with own gear

Daily trips, Wednesdays to Sundays @ 7:15am, 10am & 13:15pm
Max group size: 6 plus an experienced dive guide
Prerequisites: PADI Open Water Diver or equivalent with the capability, confidence and ability to dive in a group and with possible swell, waves, cold water & current.