COVID-19 Information

At Sundive, we are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and follow the Australian Department of Health recommendations concerning operating and keeping the business open.

The Divers Alert Network (DAN) has stated that household cleaners are as effective against COVID-19 as they are against the common cold and flu viruses and has made recommendations to dive centres around the world. In line with DAN recommendations we have stepped up our hygiene at check-in by wiping down all ipads and the bank machine after use and our hands after handling cash (we are all washing constantly) as well as the counter surfaces. Our hire gear sterilisation protocol has always been high as we use hospital-grade detergent for rinsing our hire equipment to stop the spread of ALL germs. If for any reason our disinfectant becomes unavailable, we will be following DAN recommendations and using a 1% aqueous solution of sodium hypochlorite (bleach) with an application time of > 15 minutes, taking care the solution reaches every part (total immersion). Dive gear is then washed with freshwater afterwards.

Our staff will be ensuring that all hire equipment is sterilised between dives and, every evening. In addition, we will be making detergent rinsing water available before dives so that guests can rinse their own equipment beforehand if they like.

Unfortunately, we have decided to take away our coffee, tea and cookie facilities :o( for the foreseeable future but rest assured the cookies will return when it is OK to do so.

We have drinking water available at the shop and on the boat, but we ask that everyone diving with us provides their own water container and wash it with detergent before filling it from the water cooler. We also have hand sanitizer in the washroom and at the ‘kitchen’ sink as well as detergent.

We ask that you advise us if you have returned from overseas in the past 14 days, are showing any symptoms or are unwell and that no member of your household is currently self-isolating.

As most of you know, all our staff are locally based, long term residents of Byron Bay and, have been with us since before the outbreak. We have asked all staff to follow the Australian Department of Health guidelines and also stay away from work if they are feeling unwell or if someone in their household is self-isolating.

Happy bubbles and we will keep everyone updated if the situation changes but at the moment, the diving is great, the water is lovely and, we would love to take you diving, but we need to do so in a safe manner for our team and our guests alike! Be safe, everyone!