Sundive Rewards Programme
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Sundive Rewards Programme

Get Rerwardled Every Time you dive with Sundive!

Get Rerwardled Every Time you dive with Sundive! image

Sundive has teamed up with Australian tech start-up, Rewardle, to introduce our new loyalty programme. 

Imagine a FREE dive for every 6 Fun Dives...... every dive you earn reward points, then use them to get your free dives! 

Special Introductory Offer  for September, October and November 2016:  Only 600 points to earn free dive!

How do I participate in the rewards programme?  You will need to download the REWARDLE App onto your smart phone. Set up an account or sign in with Facebook and you are ready to go.

How do I get points? Easy! You get 100 points every time you do a single dive trip e.g. Two dives in a day is 200 points 

What if I can’t dive that much in the next 3 months?  Don’t worry. You will keep the points from any diving you do in this period. The points stay on your account until you decide to use them. 

Can I still get a free dive after the introductory period? Yes, but it cost you more points! From the 1st November you will need 900 points for a free dive. 

How do I know how many points I have? Download the Rewardle app onto your phone to keep track of your points. Scan the QR code in the shop every time you come diving to make sure you earn your points. 

Does it cost me anything to get on board? No. You’ve got nothing to pay, only free dive trips to gain!

What else can I spend my points on? We’ll be introducing other rewards in the future that you can spend points on too.

Do other companies use Rewardle? Yes! Download the app and you’ll also have access to other loyalty programs.